Does your city have a farmer’s market?  I absolutely adore them.  I love everything about them, from the people, to the food, to the trinkets and treasures (or as my dear hubs calls them, Farts and Craps…sigh.  aka Arts and Crafts).  One of my favorite stops is the donut truck.  Oh yes.  They have, without a doubt, the best fried circles of happiness I have ever had.  And I’ve had a bazillion.  Do you see ’em?  Right down there?  Yum, no?!?!


Flowers are definitely another of my faves at the market.  Even if I’m not getting some for myself, I cannot wait to capture all of the beautiful colors, snapping away with the camera on my phone like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert.  (I am probably way behind the times on that one.  I’m all but certain they are “so yesterday”.  Get with it, Jules!)


Isn’t it a beaut?  Look at those spiky thingamajigs on it. My super geek flower persona says that’s what they are called…spiky thingamajigs.

My only purchase today was this gorgeous basket of berries.   If things go according to plan (which, if you know me, gives me 50/50 odds), they will end up in a cobbler and then into my tum tum.  As I waited in line to pay for them, I tried to tell myself to just get two pints.  Um. Hello. I know me way better than that. And I had a good chuckle at my expense.  Two pints?! Pfffttt.  So as my turn came up, and still with the intention of being a good girl, I stated loud and clear “one gallon, please”.  Cobbler and muffins, here I come.  Eeeeeek!


While you may not solve world peace (well, I don’t know, cobbler and donuts can get you pretty close to it), getting out to your local farmer’s market can be quite the adventure.  I highly recommend it.

Until next time.


3 Replies to “Farmer’s Market Fun”

  1. I love your style of writing. Makes me smile every time, and sometimes LOL! You have a gift of being able to take your reader out of their more than likely stressful day and into your joy filled, take time to appreciate the small things in life, cheery world.
    Thanks for taking the risk to put yourself out there. You will inspire many.


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