I am slowly finding my way back to the keyboard.  When life deals you blows, you often have no idea how you are going to react, deal, manage, fight…the list goes on.  And so must I.  Too many times we take for granted, one of the most amazing gifts of all,


a brand new day.  And what a gift it is.  Yes, a gift, even on our worst of days.  Oh sure, on those days it may not feel like, or look like, a pretty little package with a ginormous bow on top, but it is indeed a gift.  And what we do with that gift is probably one of the most important decisions we can make.   Will we be grateful and filled with hope, or bitter, filled with anger and fear?  It is easy to let our emotions guide our attitude for the day ahead, but it can be a recipe for disaster if we let the negative ones take the lead.  Easy to do?  Yes.  Hard to conquer?  Sometimes.  Worth every ounce of fight you’ve got in you?  Absolutely.

I have no magic recipe for the bad days.  Some days all I can do is hunker down and let it pass.  I find that, for me, an extra word or two with The Big Guy up above, never hurts either.  In fact, it is oftentimes the glue that keeps me from completely falling apart.  I find much solace and comfort in knowing that He is just a prayer away.  No matter what you do, though, please fight for yourself.  Fight out of that bad mood.  Fight the fears and the anxiety.  Fight with everything you have in you.  The good day(s) will come.  Of course, no one likes a bad day.  Likes feeling anxious, or scared, angry, or stressed. But without these days, we would never appreciate the good ones like we should.  Nor would we become strong or compassionate.  And we so dearly need those things.

So about that new dawn.  About your new day.  Will you stop for a moment before it begins and take note of how you are feeling before you start it?  If it’s not feeling and looking like it’s a good one, will you take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are a fighter? Will you thank your powers that be for the chance, the incredible chance, to do just that?  And if you wake up feeling on top of the world, will you, perhaps, help someone else fight their fight?  I’d like to believe you will.  Either way, your day is a gift. Unwrap it and fight the good fight.

Until next time.



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