I set my alarm for 4:00 a.m.  Left myself plenty of time for 2 miles on the treadmill, for taking out the pups, and a shower, then it was Royal Wedding here I come.  Yes.  I was one of those.  One of those millions, I might add in my defense, who got up to watch Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle.  I didn’t mind the teasing for doing so.  Not one iota.  Sure, I get that the fascination with the Royals isn’t everyone’s (dare I say it) cup of tea.  Or fascination for weddings, for that matter.  While I consider my fascination on the mild side, I am very interested in Diana’s children, and how they breathe fresh life into a seemingly stodgy and stuffy family.  Even Charles has softened around the edges I think.


So what, you may be wondering, does the Royal Family have to do with feeling pretty? Seeing the bride, now duchess, brought up some memories that I haven’t thought of in a while, and since my wedding anniversary is just around the corner, those two things reminded me of a very special time in my life.  A time in which, not only did I feel full of hope for my future, I also felt pretty that day.  I have never felt comfortable with my looks.  Not for as long as I can remember.  I imagine there are many who feel this way.   I totally get it.  But there is just something magical about a wedding dress, and that glow that you see on a bride, a glow that starts from within and shines like the dickens.  You ladies must know what I’m talking about, surely.  Something happened next, however, that took me by surprise.  As I sat there with anticipation bursting at the seems, watching Harry’s bride make her first appearance, I was hit by a wave I didn’t see coming.  A double wave, as a matter of fact, of jealousy and insecurity.  Boy I was NOT expecting that.  Not at all.  I was envious, not of her wealth or newly cemented royal status, but of her getting to be the bride.  Of having that feeling of your whole future ahead of you.  I wanted that perfect dress (and wow, was hers perfect…Audrey Hepburn perfect).  I wanted to feel special.  I wanted that glow.  I wanted to feel pretty.

Thankfully that wave didn’t last very long. A tsunami it wasn’t.  It did give me pause, though, to remember a few things.  While I may never feel confident about my appearance, of one thing I am certain.  Beauty will always come from within. That may sound cliche’ to many, but there is nothing untrue about it.  Not one thing.  Beauty is when you smile or wink or give a hug.  Beauty is laughing and crying and walking hand in hand.  Beauty is sharing the pain along with the pleasure.  That is what makes you beautiful.  Please don’t ever lose sight of that.

Until next time.





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