A Love Affair With Words and Pictures

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I love words.  Saying them, hearing them, reading them, writing them, making them up. You name it.  Love ’em.  I’ve always loved words. I would even bet that my gift of gab came from this love of language.  I remember  as a youngster, frequently getting into trouble in school for talking.  If only I had been able to convince my teachers that it was because of my love of vocabulary, then maybe I wouldn’t have had recess taken away so often.  Dang it.


Simply put, words are amazing.  They have a power like very few things in this world.  Words can make or break a conversation. They can tell us a story and take you around the world without even leaving your home. Words.  They keep us connected as humans and allow us to follow our dreams.  Sometimes, however, words are used to hurt.  While still powerful, these words can also create pain, anger and sadness.  This is where we must overcome the bad with the good. Where words of comfort must override words that sting. Where kind words will steal the thunder from the unkind. Where uplifting words will snatch the victory right out of the cynics’ hands.

Just as with words, pictures too, are so powerful and so amazing to me.  Whether the two are paired together, or each on their own, they are fantastic.  In the last three or four years, I have become enamored with pictures.  I have no formal training in photography, but after capturing a sunrise in the Sierra Nevadas, I was hooked.  I can’t explain my methodology with regard to taking pictures. I simply get this feeling in my gut, and a sense for the colors,textures, and subjects that fill up the frame, and I just know it’s “the” shot.  I love taking pictures so much.  I love finding my subjects…the people, places, things, from the sublime to the simple, and everything in between.  I love how it softens the blows my anxiety can deliver, and how childlike and filled with wonder it can make me feel.  I don’t think there is much, if anything, I don’t love about photography.  And that is not something you can say about many things.  If you find something you feel this way about, don’t let it go.

Words.  Pictures. So basic and yet so incredible.  Are you a words or pictures or both, kind of person? Do you love what you can do with them as much as I do? If you do, I hope you never stop, but most of all, I hope you are inspired to use them for the greater good. We can never have enough of that. Ever.

Until next time.





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