I grew up listening to my parents playing Glen Campbell and Johnny Cash records at their dinner parties.  I would sneak peeks from my hiding place at all the 70s hairstyles and leisure suits.  But what stuck with me most, was the music.  I think my first childhood crush (in a very long list) was on Glen Campbell. He had the sweetest smile, perfect hair, and such a twinkle in his eyes.  But I also adored his music.  Still do. One of my most favorite songs of his is “Try A Little Kindness”.  I can’t think of a much more powerful, impactful statement.


I have always had a soft spot in my heart for kindness.  A rough childhood of sorts, first made me appreciate genuine kindness from others. As I grew older this appreciation continued.  Bouncing from job to job, I struggled to find my path in life.   I soaked up kindness like a sponge and it kept me afloat.  It rekindled my faith in others and added the much needed fuel to my fire to keep going. Today, as I battle my anxiety, and as I reach yet another stage in my life, I value kindness above almost all else.  With the exception of my faith, and my love for my family, kindness is at the very top.  Tippy tippy top.

How can a concept so simple be so powerful?  In a world where anger and resentment, revenge and entitlement, seem to abound, why is kindness such a crucial element?  For me, it is tantamount to survival.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, is battling something.  CEOs and celebrities,  doctors and drummers, parents and preachers.  Each and every one of us struggle with something at one time or another.  And what a very easy way to let someone know you care…try a little kindness. Doesn’t have to be a grand gesture.  It can be as simple as a smile or a wink. Do you realize how powerful that one simple act can be? I hope you do, and I hope you do it. It can literally turn someone’s day, mood, and yes even life around.

We don’t have to be struggling, though, to appreciate kindness. That is just one of its many many many benefits.  Kindness can ease a worried mind, soothe a frazzled soul, take the edge off a daunting task.  The list is endless, the impact, phenomenal.

Try some, won’t you?

Until next time.





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