There are many sayings and quotes about the power of being by the water.  Be it the ocean, a river, a lake, there is something magical there.   I still remember the first time I saw the ocean as a very young little girl.


I have not lost that incredible feeling of sheer joy.   I hope I never do.  I believe that there is some sort of hidden pull to the water. A sense of power, positive power, exudes from it, and each and every time, I am filled with this indescribable sense of calm when I see it. That calm, that sense of wonder that you feel, you can’t buy that.  You can’t find it in a store, take a pill for it,  or learn about it in school.  You must experience it first hand. No substitutions.  It doesn’t have to be as grand as the Pacific or as stunning as Lake Tahoe.  It can be that pond on the farm or the brook in the woods.  The power is there.  It’s there in each ripple of a wave, and in its glass like stillness on a windless day.  It’s there on a sunny day when you could swear there were diamonds skimming the surface.  And it is there during a storm when the fierceness from the sky pelts the water with rain. That sound is amazing.  Nothing else like it.

I am off to our place by the river later today.  After a rather topsy turvy week, I am in desperate need of some of that powerful calm.  My head and my heart are practically aching for it.  I hope that wherever you are, you can get to the water. God and Mother Nature sure teamed up on that one.

Until next time.











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