An extremely rainy Saturday, forcing me to stay inside, but not before I puddled my way (Puddled? New verb? I think so.) into Trader Joes, aka my happy place.  A very good haul today, by the way, except they were out of the mini ice cream drumsticks (super duper pout mode about that).  But I recovered, partially due to the mini ice cream cookie bon bons and the chipwiches. Remind me to hide my bathroom scale.  Anywho.  It is a hazy day.  Dreary. Wet. Icky.   It’s days like this that, if I’m not careful, can start the over anxious stuff that resides in my noggin off and running. Oooh, off and running.  Kentucky Derby…that’s today! Big hats, mint juleps, all that stuff. Go horsies go.

Ugh.  I was rambling again, wasn’t I?  In my defense I did warn y’all about my rambling tendencies, in my first or second post.  So where was I? Ah yes, hazy day.  Anxiety potential.  While I do love a good thunderstorm, provided I am not out in it with a kite and a key, the dreariness of a cloudy, dark, and rainy day can often times trigger my anxiety.  I’ve talked before about things you can do when you realize this is happening, change of scenery, etc, but I also realize that despite the best of intentions, these tricks sometimes just don’t cut it.  So then what, you may wonder, can you do? For me, when I am in this kind of haze, when I just can’t seem to bust out of my anxious thoughts, and my usual go to tricks aren’t working, I have a free pass day.  Let me explain.

A free pass day is very simple.  No rules.  No harsh self judgements. No big decisions. Just lots of breathing. On free pass days, I just try and get through the day without letting myself get too overwhelmed by anything.  I do the bare minimum on these days.  Just the things I absolutely have to do, and nothing more.  All of the rest can wait until the next day.  Many times, free pass days are Netflix days.  Nothing distracts me from thinking about my troubles like a binge session of one of my favorite shows.  Sidenote…Carrie Matheson (Homeland) is a total badass and I want to be her when I grow up.  One important thing about free pass days, though.  You are not allowed two in a row.  Well, at least I set that rule for myself. Because, while it is good, and even crucial at times, to put off responsibilities and your daily routines, it’s never very good to make a habit of avoiding these things, for it is all too easy to fall into a rut that you may find very very hard to get out of.  As much as we often times find our jobs, chores, etc, to be a huge pain in our backsides, they do indeed serve a purpose…keeping us human, humbled, and grateful .

So.  It’s still raining.  I think I hear my couch and Netflix calling my name.

Until next time.



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