One Step Forward…Two Steps Back

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My life is one giant cha cha.  Now, if I could really do the cha cha, then perhaps it would make more sense, but I am a one step forward, two steps back gal sometimes.  I don’t think you have to have anxiety to have those



kinds of days though.  They just happen.  And that’s ok.  It really is.  Just make sure that for every step backward, you take one forward.  And another. And another.  Tenacity is a wonderful friend to have, a very powerful one.  Some days, she (I am making it a “she”, ’cause it’s my blog, and I want to, and because I know many many feisty, tenacious, wonderful women) is hiding from you. But I promise you, she is there.  Waiting for your cue to come out guns blazing.  Of course sometimes we don’t have to fight for our happiness.  Some days, we are incredibly blessed with serendipities that practically fall into our laps, cherish those.  Take none of them for granted.  But some days, when we find ourselves two or three or ten steps back, we do need to fight. We do need to pull  those bootstraps (ugh…old person saying again…sigh) up.  Just remember, you are worth fighting for.  Absolutely.  Positively.  Always.

You may be thinking, it’s not that easy.  And you are right. It often isn’t.  But I can promise you, that nothing worth fighting for ever is.  If we were given 365 good days a year, I don’t even want to think about how full of ourselves we would be.  As painful as hardships and lessons can be, they do serve a very powerful purpose.  To keep us humble, grounded, compassionate, to say the least.

So before I go, please remember to keep the fighter in you fueled.  Stoke that baby every chance you get.

Until next time.




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