I once read somewhere that there are going to be days that aren’t so good.  No big newsflash, right? But this is what followed.  Instead of saying “have a great day, say  “have a day”, because there will, indeed, be days that are bad, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be grateful for the day you are given.  Yes, it is extremely awesome when we have a great day.  But there are days when the only thing we may accomplish is getting through it, and that, my friends, is ok too.  It is human. It is life.


Have a day.  I love it.  I love it so much I named my blog after it.  I love all that it represents, from fighting my battles with anxiety, to savoring the good days, and everything in between.  I love the sense of power it gives me…to have a day, my day!  To have that day be however my attitude lets it be. I love that no one else’s day will be the same.  I love that God gave me this day, and find comfort in knowing He guides me through it.

So yes.  Have a day.  You should definitely have a day.  Fight through the bad ones, fight like the dickens, but have a day!  Cherish the good ones and keep those memories close to your heart.  Laugh, cry, smile, frown, work, play, breathe….have a day.  Your day!

Until next time.






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