Are you a fish person? I didn’t used to be. Growing up all I was ever given the choice of was catfish. Blech. Oh I know it’s popular, especially here in the South, but, fishy fish is not for me.  Many years ago I was introduced to a whole new class of fish. Very mellow flavors with no fishy taste at all.  Halibut, Swordfish, Grouper, just to name a few.  Needless to say, I was…hooked. (Sorry.  Had to do that.  Had to.  It was begging for it.)


Take any of those mild flavored fishes, add some olive oil, garlic (I have a love affair with garlic.  I do. So good), some fresh lemon juice and chopped parsley, and you have one very fine dinner.  This past Saturday I made swordfish kabobs and paired it with an Orzo salad I made with grape tomatoes and green onions. Man oh man it was delicious.  The first barbecue of the season in the books.  I am ready for round two. And three, four, five, six….you get the idea.  I love food.

There’s just so much about cooking and creating in the kitchen that I love.  The smell of the fresh ingredients, the vivid, beautiful colors.  I am in sensory overload, and it is fantastic.  I even love the hustle and bustle that happens as I maneuver my way around all four of  my pups at my feet, as they wait for any tidbits to fall.   It gives me such joy.  It’s a very cathartic experience.


So have I convinced you non fishy folks to give it a try? Hmmmm?  I bet you are, perhaps,  still a wee bit unsure.  You may be thinking that nothing can compare to a ginormous steak. Which, by the way, I also adore.  (Food.  Me.  Best friends. Remember?). But I ask that you give it a try.  You just might be very pleasantly surprised.  I like those kinds of surprises, don’t you?

Until next time.





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