My Little Corner of the World

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Do you have a favorite little spot in your city?  For as much as I love to travel, and I love it A LOT, I love being at home, in my little corner of the world, just as much. Probably even more so.  I spent so much of my early twenties


doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.  Going out to bars, when I really wanted to be at home with my dog and a good movie.   It’s not that I didn’t like people, or being around them, but the crowded bar scene was definitely not my cup of tea…or shot of tequila.  From living on my own before I got married to the present, I’ve always felt home was my safe haven, where I could truly be me.  Although I should have been able to do that before now, I think becoming yourself is something that happens over time.  Which is a shame, it shouldn’t take so long.

I love my little corner of the world.  A sleepy, Southern little town, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.  On warm days you can smell the bbq in the air.  That smoky sweetness always makes my tummy growl. Every single time.  I love all the quaint little shops on Main Street, and the fact that I can step out my front door and, a short stroll later, be there, right in the thick of it .  I love the community with all of its festivals and art crawls.  I love the musicians on the sidewalks, and watching the passers by soak it all in.  It brings so much simplistic joy to me.  It’s very peaceful and soothing.  Perhaps this is where  the phrase “Southern comfort” came from. I think maybe so.


No matter where you call home.  I hope you have a “little corner of the world” that you find comfort in. Where you find joy in just being there.  Where you breathe in fresh air and wonderful smells that make your tummy growl,  Where you can feel a sense of camaraderie with those around you, if you so choose.  Or a serene sense of solitary comfort and belonging in your very own haven.  It’s your very own space.  I think I like that part most of all.

Until next time.


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