Do you ever feel so overwhelmed you don’t know whether you are coming or going? I imagine, at one time or another, almost everyone has felt this way, whether they suffer from anxiety or not. Goodness gracious.  I am having one of those days and so I turn to my writing to hopefully bring a little bit of calm back into my day.   What started this whirlwind?  Hmmmm. Could be one of many things scurrying around in me head. Kids, dogs, chores, life. As Charlie Brown so eloquently said to Lucy when trying to figure out what was wrong…”THAT’S IT!”  Life.


I know we can’t hide from our responsibilities forever, they are what keep us human, humble, mindful. But there is nothing wrong with hitting the pause button.  I promise you, the things you need to do will be there when you un-pause. (Is that a word? I love making up new words.) Now, will a break give us a 100% drama, work, stress, worry free life, I doubt it.  But the benefits to your physical and mental health, from even taking 5 minutes to mediate or take a cat nap (why is it cat nap? why can’t it be dog nap? Yes, I’m a lil’ biased.) can be amazing .  For some, myself included, mediation can be a little intimidating.  I’ve tried it on a few different occasions, only to find that I just don’t stick with it for some reason.  But I did find that seeking out a quiet place to sit, closing my eyes, taking some deep breaths, to be very effective.  I need to get on myself to remember to do it more often.

So now that my five minutes is up, it’s back to laundry and, you guessed it, life.

Until next time.









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