I have never been embarrassed that I have anxiety.  I’ve wished, more times than I can count, that I didn’t have it.  But never have I been ashamed of it.  It is a part of me.  And believe it or not, if there is a bright side (and I always try to find one) it has made me a very compassionate and empathetic person.   My first therapist (will love her forever) once likened being an anxiety sufferer to being an alcoholic.  She told me, in all likelihood, I will always have it, but it is how I manage it that counts.  While not always the easiest task, I totally agree.  Find what works for you, what self help tricks of the trade help you breathe just a little bit easier.  Find them.  The sooner the better.  They can be life savers, game changers, day turn arounders (totally just made that last one up!).  Some of the ones that I usually rely on are positive self talk, taking a few deep breaths, change of scenery, creating a game plan for the next anxious moment (who can I call to talk to, etc).  Those are just a few things I try and utilize when feeling anxious.


I mentioned in my first blog post, that I am not always able to conquer each and every anxious moment, but I (with time and tons of practice) have been able to better identify when I need to step up and guide my way out of one.  Sadly there is no magic pill or potion to make anxiety disappear, but please please, never give up finding ways to fight it.  You are worth the fight.  And you are never alone.  Not everyone may have anxiety, but everyone has something they are battling.  Everyone.

Last but not least, before I leave.  Treat yourself.  One of my most favorite anxiety busters. A ginormous cup of your favorite coffee, a piece or two of dark chocolate, that yummy bakery scone that you deny yourself most days, or anything else that comforts you.  Doesn’t have to be big.  It just has to give you comfort.  Comfort rules.  For me, today, it was some homemade granola and vanilla yogurt with raspberries. Oh man, it hit the spot.  So what are you waiting for. Be good to you and the rest will follow.

Until next time.



2 Replies to “You Are Not Alone”

  1. I imagine that your walks with the pups and those beautiful cloud and sunrise/sunset pictures help. I know they give me a sense of your peace when you post them. ❤


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