Do you Sunday on Sundays?  I try to.  Wait a minute. Do you know what Sundaying is? It’s a little something I made up that incorporates a whole lot of doing nothing but being lazy and enjoying every listless minute of it.  This must be done on the last day of the weekend, before Monday sneaks up on us.  And it will.  Sneaky little day that it is.  I like to start off my Sundaying by making breakfast for the hubs.  Sometimes we trade off my making breakfast, and go down to our local Starbucks, where I indulge in tons of butter on a cinnamon raisin bagel and a ginormous caramel macchiato. So good.  Today I made a breakfast sandwich for him, and toast and honey for me. I have a serious love affair with honey.  Winnie the Pooh has nothin’ on me.  Silly ol’ bear.


Today after breakfast, my Sundaying kinda sorta started to disappear. Harrumph.  A trip to Whole Foods was more energy than I had planned on using, but I was out of cheese, so that was that.  I do not like being out of cheese. Back home from the store and after lunch, I deposited my back side on the sofa with every intention of watching my beloved Red Sox and moving as little as possible. It worked.  For a little while. Then the chores that I wanted to wait until Monday to do, started pestering me.  I let them win.  But the good news is, my friends, is that when Monday rolls around, and my husband is at work, and my son is at school, I can Sunday on Monday.  All. By. Myself.

So, now that you know about Sundaying, you must give it a try sometime.  And if you can Sunday on Monday all by yourself, even better.  It is so good for the soul to take a little time and treat yourself.  Even better for an anxious soul whose nerves could use some R&R.  Some Netflix, some snacks, and voila’, I am a little calmer and a little more right with the world once again.

Until next time.

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