I mentioned the other day that I have a wee bit of an obsession with clouds.  Ok, a wee bit more than wee.  Not sure when it started.  Not sure I can explain why I have it.  I think it has something to do with their simplistic beauty.  The fact that, at times, they look as if they were painted by hand with the most elegant of strokes.  But there is just something so soothing and humbling about them to me.  I can remember, when living in Reno, driving my boys to school, stopping the car to take a picture of the clouds.  My sons, bless their hearts, while I’m sure were groaning inside, never gave me so much as a grumble.   Probably because it kept them from getting to school any sooner than they had to! But maybe, just maybe they’ll become cloud lovers too someday.  I sure hope so. I hope they find comfort in simple pleasures and come to appreciate how important they can be.  I took the one below at our vacation home by the Tennessee River  (*all pics on my blog are taken by me.  I’ve become a shutter bug and adore my new hobby. An anxiety buster for sure).


Yes.  Simple pleasures are the best. Wouldn’t you agree?  Cream in your coffee, a warm buttery biscuit, the smell of cut grass or a sweet Southern bbq.  Aaaaaannnd now I’m hungry. Ack!  It never fails. I can always work my way to a convo about food. I better get busy or else I will find myself breaking into my secret stash of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered almonds (oh my, have you had those?!). Sadly it’s too overcast to cloud watch today, but you can bet I will be out as soon as the clouds are. If you ever happen to be in my sleepy Southern town of Franklin, Tennessee, and see a 50ish lady wandering around town looking up and not forward…hmmm, could very well be me.  You just never know!

Until next time.


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