I am a dog person, through and through.  A crazy dog lady.  That’s me.  Oh, I have kids, human ones, two fine young men, but my dogs, they are my babies too.  Oh yes.  My fur babies, my saving grace, I call them. If you are a dog person, you know exactly what I am talking about. My graces names are Big Papi, Manny, Casey, and Kenny. Four Labs.  Yes.  Four.  I know. I warned you I was crazy.


I have had Labs in my life for over 20 years, and a dog in my life for over 40.  I can’t imagine my life without a canine in it.  I can’t. Nope. Never.  Yes, some folks are cat folks, some bird, some want nothing whatsoever to do with any critter, and that’s fine.  But for me, there will always be dog hair and belly rubs in my day, for as long as I possibly can have them.  There’s a reason dogs are sent to hospitals to cheer up patients, trained to be guides for the blind, and therapy for a soldier with PTSD…they are amazing amazing creatures with hearts of gold and intuitions that rival the finest clairvoyant. They are filled with compassion, never judgement.  They are the best secret keepers and smile makers on the planet. Of this I have no doubt.

I don’t have any anxiety busting tricks to share today.  Just stopped by to ramble about my pups a bit. Ask my husband if I’m a good rambler. Oh, I can tell when I’ve lost him.  When he gets that glazed look, and I hear “uh huh” one too many times, I know he’s a goner.  Speaking of rambling, back to my puppies.  Have I mentioned I love them dearly. That they can make the worst day good again or make me smile when I could have swore it was virtually impossible.  And don’t get me started on their personalities.  That’s a whole other blog in and of itself. A quick synopsis though…Big Papi aka Mama’s Boy, anxiety filled just like his mama, but my very very best friend in this world. Manny aka the gentle giant.  The easiest going, sweetest soul you will ever meet.  Casey, the only girl, she is my good girl, the most trustworthy and obedient one of the bunch.  Last but not least, my Kenny Benny. Second in line for Mama’s Boy, and hands down the best snuggler on the planet.  I will spend quite a bit of time on this crew as I write this blog.  Quirks and all, they are a hoot.  My days are filled with laughter because of them, and that, along with kindness, my friends, makes the world just a better place.  Don’t you agree?

Until next time.

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