Being a morning person (yeah, I’m one of those) does have it’s advantages. Besides getting to breakfast sooner (one of my favorite meals of the day…ok, they’re all my favorite), you get to witness some of God’s most amazing handiwork.   I will never tire of a sunrise or a sunset’s beauty.  I am always humbled and reminded of the much, much bigger picture in life.  These reminders are often just what I need when feeling anxious, as I tell myself to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the day that’s about to begin.  And as you are looking at the rising or setting sun, remember, no one can take this moment away from you. Now, here’s what you do next.  Take that moment, tuck it in your pocket, and you will have it to return to as you go about the rest of your day (or off to bed, if it’s a sunset).  Sometimes I go on and, sadly, end up having an icky day.  Yup, tis true.  But then I close my eyes, and remember my sunrise.  Many times this will do the trick of bringing me out of my “funk” by redirecting my thoughts to just how very blessed I am to be able to see such beauty.  Not everyone is so lucky to be able to see, and I am so incredibly grateful I can.  This gratitude might not solve the cause of my bad day, but dang if it doesn’t usually knock me off the woe is me stool I was sitting on.

If mornings aren’t your thing, not a problem, there is an abundance of beauty all around you, no matter where you live, no matter the time of day…clouds (remind me to tell you all about my cloud obsession sometime, who am I kidding, you’ll see it soon enough), mountains, trees, flowers, and on and on.  I bet you a dozen peanut butter cookies (loveeeeee those) that you can find something that makes you stop and say to yourself, well I’ll be if that isn’t one of the most beautiful sights.  And then, once you find it, I can keep those peanut butter cookies (no calories in happy cookie eating, btw) all to myself!

And now, I must go.  Wishing I could say to step outside and find me a lil’ bit of beauty, but alas, the washing machine’s incessant beep has other plans for me.

Until next time.

2 Replies to “Here Comes the Sun”

  1. I’m not a morning person- but i do love breakfast- and coffee!! i know what you mean about beautiful moments- i like to go into my treasure chest of them every morning before I go and face a new day!! I wish I could bet you about them not existing-i love peanut butter cookies. And i could be helping by taking some of your dozen 🙂

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    1. Isn’t breakfast great? Any time of day I love it. I’m so glad you have a treasure chest of moments, Lilly. They are so important, I think, and sometimes just what we need to get through a difficult day, or simply to appreciate a good one. Wish I could share some pb cookies with you. Sure do. One of these days!


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