Addicted to Publix (there, I said it)

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IMG_6420So, there is a grocery store here in my little corner of Tennessee, that I adore. Weird, right? Ok, probably not weird for some, but I know that there are some of you wondering how this could be so. And what in the heck does it have to do with anxiety? Well, for me, I have to admit most things can Kevin Bacon their way to relate to anxiety. Am I the only one that remembers the Kevin Bacon, 6 degrees, relation thingy? Anywho, I love to grocery shop. I do. I am that person.  I love food, love cooking and baking it, and yes, even buying it. Well, preferably with someone else’s money, but that doesn’t happen unless I make a major career move to criminal, and I would not be a fan of prison food, so that’s that.  Publix is the best.  It’s always clean, it’s always filled with the nicest employees on the planet, and please do not get me started on the weekly BOGO (that’s buy one get one) specials. Yes, I just got home with 10 Tombstone pizzas and only paid for 5.  Eeeeeek!  But it’s the kindness I find myself drawn to the most. For an anxiety sufferer, well at least for me anyway, kindness is a salve for a very anxious soul.  I am not saying non anxiety sufferers don’t need it, or don’t find it as wonderful.  I’m just saying it can stop an anxious moment and or feeling from escalating.  And that, my friends, is priceless.  As is all kindness.  Yes, indeed.

Well, I better sign off for now.  Time to put all my BOGOs away, and by away, I mean hide the M&Ms and then put the rest where it belongs.  So if you have a grocery store, or any little place you like to visit, I highly recommend it.  I find that a change of scenery even if just to pick up an item or two, can do wonders to reset an anxious feeling or a dreary day.

Until next time.

xo J.

5 Replies to “Addicted to Publix (there, I said it)”

  1. After my mom died I had major, major panic anxiety. Always thought I was dying, could not sleep, dizzy, near black outs etc etc. Publix was my safe space. I knew that even if I found myself flat on the floor in the produce aisle, my neighborhood Publix folks would help, call the husband, feed me orange juice and not be judgy.
    It never happened , thankfully- but Publix holds a special comforting place in my anxious heart ❤️

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    1. It’s a magical place, I’m telling’ ya! And the BOGO M&Ms and Promises never hurt. Anytime you need a fellow anxious ear, please never hesitate to let me know! Been there a million times.


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